We Are Here

By The Good Story
For centuries, the Roma or Romani have arguably been one of the most misunderstood people groups on our planet. Rumors have long persisted about these mysterious people who blow into town to seduce men and women, and steal everything in sight, including children.  How can a people group of over 20 million worldwide stir up such controversy and debate about its identity and origin? How can the world have turned a blind eye to a population this large? They are debatably one of most oppressed, marginalized, despised, and neglected people groups ever to exist in humanity. Forgotten and dehumanized at every turn. Told they are nothing and nobody. This is the message that wallpapers the heart of a Roma. But what if they were to encounter Jesus?


Extending the Hand of Partnership to the Global Church

By The Good Story
Is it possible for the global church, nonprofit ministries, and individuals to partner with the unique and vibrant Roma believing community in healthy, dynamic ways? Do Roma churches desire partnerships outside of their distinctive communities? The answer is YES!
Their hands are reaching out, in open invitation, not for you to reach down to them, but to reach across to them in mutuality to further the gospel amongst the Roma. This film explores and identifies how and what healthy partnerships look like on the local, regional, and national levels. Will you accept your invitation?