Roma Networks

Roma Networks (RN) is a cooperative platform inspired by the desire to see transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe. Established in 2014, RN is a grassroots movement facilitated by six volunteer committee members from Finland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. In order to work toward this, the mission strategy involves several dimensions:

  1. Share the vision (with Roma leaders, non Roma leaders, local churches, organizations, movements, mission organizations, different denominations, EU government)
  2. Educate / Empower / Equip (Roma leaders, non-Roma leaders who are working among Roma, youth, church, movements)
  3. Encourage transformation & reconciliation (in individuals, communities, and between Roma and non-Roma)
  4. Recruit local & global missionaries (research mission field, train missionaries)
  5. Encourage (local churches, ministries, mission initiatives)

Becker Ministry

Our personal ministry is supported by faith based giving. We depend on partner churches and individuals to continue. If you are interested in finding out more, write

Roma COVID-19 Response

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected the Roma people in Europe especially hard. Extreme lockdowns have created unemployment for entire villages. Our church planting partners with FIDA International are distributing food, medicine, and heating supplies to Roma in Tuzla, Bosnia and Slivenen, Bulgaria. Your donations will make a difference in the lives of those who no on else is helping at this time and pave the way for other gospel ministries.