Roma Networks

Roma Networks (RN) is a cooperative platform inspired by the desire to see transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe. Established in 2014, RN is a grassroots movement facilitated by six volunteer committee members from Finland, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. In order to work toward this, the mission strategy involves several dimensions:

  1. Share the vision (with Roma leaders, non Roma leaders, local churches, organizations, movements, mission organizations, different denominations, EU government)
  2. Educate / Empower / Equip (Roma leaders, non-Roma leaders who are working among Roma, youth, church, movements)
  3. Encourage transformation & reconciliation (in individuals, communities, and between Roma and non-Roma)
  4. Recruit local & global missionaries (research mission field, train missionaries)
  5. Encourage (local churches, ministries, mission initiatives)

Becker Ministry

Our personal ministry is supported by faith based giving. We depend on partner churches and individuals to continue. If you are interested in finding out more, write

"The Greatest Revival" DVD

In 1952, Pastor Clement Le Cossec encountered a group of gypsies in Brest, France. That encounter would change his life and lead to one of the biggest revivals in modern history. 10 years later, he entered Spain where the Holy Spirit worked powerfully and quickly to evangelize the gypsies. The fruits of that revival are still in Spain where the Iglesia Filadelfia denomination has a church in every town where there is a gypsy and operates multiple seminaries. This film includes eyewitness testimony from the men who evangelized the Spanish gypsies and saw God work in truth and power.

The Iglesia Filadelfia denomination is now sending missionaries to countries in Europe and South America. You can directly donate towards this mission work. All donations for this film will go directly to help this mission work. For a donation of $25 or more through EFCA, you will receive this DVD as a token of gratitude for your heart for mission work among the Gypsies.