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Tom Becker

Tom Becker serves as Mission Mobilizer for ReachGlobal’s Marginal Mission Network team. He loves to connect people to God’s amazing story of redemption among the Roma (Gypsies). As US representative for Roma Networks, he has helped organize training seminars, large conferences, and short term mission trips to connect people and resources with Roma ministry partners in Europe with the long term goal of building ministry partnerships. He is married to Dora and has 5 children. Living in northwest Indiana, he loves to run, read, and play board games.

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Visit CTM's About page for more information about Tom.

Valerie Beck

Valerie serves with Reach Global on the Marginal Mission Network Team. Because Jesus has rescued, redeemed, and restored her life, she is passionate about sharing His love with others. Valerie is involved in ministry with Roma people in Europe but also has a focus in her own community in Minnesota around anti-trafficking measures. Valerie loves to travel, hike, and ride her electric bike with her hubby. Her dog, Maggie, is often at her side except in doing the aforementioned activities!

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Visit Valerie's website for more information.

Slobodan & Nina Jankucić

Nina and Slobodan are involved in Roma ministry at local and global levels.
"Everything starts locally with trying, testing, making mistakes, trying again, and seeing what actually works. We work in a small Roma community in Croatia, doing church, operating a wood workshop with apprenticeship opportunities, and sharing life. Through Roma Networks, we try to connect different grassroots ministries (like ours) and create a platform for sharing good examples, encouraging, and seeing God’s kingdom grow in Roma communities globally."

Visit the Jankucić ministry website for more information.

Stewart Humphry

Stewart Humphry served with ReachGlobal in Budapest, Hungary from 2003 to 2015. He served first on the Budapest City team helping in English clubs, ministry center management and helped to start a men’s ministry. Later Stewart served with the SERVEurope team as an operations manager and continued to minister in local ministry in Budapest and continued on in leadership roles for that team. In the last six years, Stewart continues to serve with the EFCA ReachGlobal CONNECT team as a mission resource coordinator and Associate Director, helping churches to have the better connections with mission opportunities.